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Guest Blog Post by Rebecca Herz: How do museums help to create a better world?

Hi everyone! Many of you haven’t heard from us in a while, and that’s because we wanted to give¬†your inbox a break while we work¬†on¬†developing¬†some new audiences in other¬†dedicated email campaigns¬†that we’ve got rolling now. That being said, hello again! ¬†And haven’t these been an, a-hem…interesting…few months?!?!… I suspect that a fair number of you, […]

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Guest Blog Post by Professor Neville Vakharia of Drexel University: Reimagining a Museum – The Mutual Benefits of Experiential Learning

Hello friends, As many of you know, CultureSpots came to be, in large part, because of the expert guidance we received from, and long-time friendship we’ve had with¬†Professor Neville Vakharia at Drexel University. ¬†We continue to stay in very close contact, and occasionally¬†ask Neville to contribute here as a guest blogger, especially¬†when we find out¬†about […]

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Guest Blog Post by Rebecca Herz: How can museums contribute to dialogue about social justice when we are exemplars of segregation?

Hi everyone! We‚Äôre fans of Rebecca Herz‚Äôs blog at MuseumsQuestions.com, and found her most recent post about the role museums can play in social justice issues to be particularly prescient, and so with her permission, are sharing it here with you. Interestingly, the many issues that Rebecca discusses from the viewpoint of social justice dovetail […]

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