(VIDEO) AAMG Conference 2016 Presentation – 4 Academic Galleries, 4 Inspiring Ideas!

We originally scheduled this blog post to include Part 2 of our Client Spotlight video interview with the Michener Art Museum and the conversations we had with the children who created their amazing audio guide (which you can enjoy HERE).

But you’ll have to wait two more weeks for that, since we’re still catching up from being on the road last week and the long holiday weekend.  So instead, we decided to share something with you that’s already fully cooked up and ready to serve.

Last week at the AAMG (Association of Academic Museums and Galleries) Conference in Washington, DC, we had the honor of being included in the opening night reception activities where we got to present a short “video trailer” to conference attendees highlighting 4 of the many inspirational ideas we encountered during our Academic Museums Spotlight Tour 2015.

And now you can see it too!  (or, for some of you, again!)

(* If you don’t know what the Academic Museums Spotlight Tour is about, last year, in partnership with AAMG, we traveled across the country visiting and interviewing 8 Academic Museums and Galleries along the way, learning about their most groundbreaking, successful and unique initiatives, programs and events.)

In just 2 weeks we look forward to finally sharing with you our insightful conversations with a group of children at the Michener Art Museum, where we’ll find out how they created such a fantastic audio guide using CultureSpots, and how this initiative has positively impacted their young lives (and the museum!).

Enjoy your journey!

Cliff Stevens

Founder, President/CEO of CultureSpots