CultureSpots System Update Announcement – Small Change, BIG DIFFERENCE!

Isn’t it great when you can DO more, with less?

Or, GET more, for less?

YES, of course it is! That’s why we’ve been so looking forward to this day, and sharing the big news…

From this day forward, CultureSpots will not only be the fabulously intuitive and capable MOBILE AUDIO TOUR platform you’ve known about for years, but also, MUCH MORE!

Now, in addition to, or INSTEAD OF AUDIO, you can connect your visitors to…

– A video
– Your online store
– An event registration page
– An eBook or PDF document
– A blog post
– A survey
– A social media post
– An artist profile webpage
– A wikipedia entry
– A podcast episode
– Audio from any one of the major music streaming platforms
– And anything else online…

How so?

In the update we made to the CultureSpots system today, we removed a long-held, self-imposed constraint that made audio a requirement for using CultureSpots. But now, that’s no longer the case. Audio on CultureSpots is now OPTIONAL ๐Ÿ™‚

It may seem like a really simple (it wasn’t…), or easy (definitely not…) change to make to our system (LOTS of untangling…), or even silly or counter-intuitive at first. But if you think about it, it’s actually pretty awesome, and a really big deal. As a mobile audio tour platform – which it still is, by the way, and will continue to be – we’ve always made AUDIO a requirement for publishing your Tours on CultureSpots. Makes sense, right – of course we would!


From now on, you can think of a Spot on CultureSpots as not only a container for audio, if that’s what you want, but ALSO a container for links to ANY OTHER KIND OF CONTENT ONLINE โ€” WITHOUT YOUR HAVING TO PRODUCE AND PUBLISH AUDIO to go along with it!

Basically, in addition to any text you want to include, if the content you want someone to experience is online, then you can link to it from a Spot’s “Description” field WITHOUT your being forced to upload an audio file into the Spot. Just give your Spot a Name and a nice-looking Cover Image (also optional), add it to a Tour, and you’re LIVE! Literally, it takes just a few seconds.

Soooooo many times over the years, we’ve heard from clients and prospects: “it’s too much work to produce good audio content”. And we’ve always sympathized with them, understood them, and wanted to help them, but honestly, it’s not always been easy to do so. But now, that problem goes away. If you don’t want to create an audio tour, GREAT! You don’t have to. And instead, leverage CultureSpots to elegantly organize, present and connect your visitors to anything else online. Engage them on their smartphones, and connect their offline experience in your location, or elsewhere, to anything else online, anywhere – quickly, easily, simply, intuitively, affordably, beautifully and effectively, UNLIKE ANY OTHER SOLUTION out there.

Just like all the other companies we’ve been telling you about this week via our Facebook Page status updates, who’ve also broken through their own self-imposed constraints โ€” like Netflix, Apple and Facebook โ€” we expect great success with this subtle, but powerful change, for our clients, their visitors and CultureSpots as a company.

Over the next few weeks and months, we’re going to be providing more detailed and helpful information about what this means for you, how you can take advantage of it, and the exciting new possibilities it opens up in terms of how you, and so many more organizations, can benefit and why.

For all of you who are already using CultureSpots for your mobile audio tours – nothing changes, except the addition of a cute little headphones icon you might notice indicating which of your Tours’ Spots have audio, and which ones don’t. Otherwise, carry on, nothing to do or worry about, all is well ๐Ÿ™‚

Much more to come! Thanks for your interest and support. Break on through!!

With love,

The CultureSpots Team