(VIDEO) Now you can use Facebook to access audio tours on CultureSpots!

Hello CultureSpots family!

Today we’re announcing an exciting new capability that lets your visitors access and enjoy your audio tours on CultureSpots even MORE easily than ever before, using…

FACEBOOK for iPhone and Android!

YES, you read that right!  And according to BusinessForApps.com, 85% of smartphone users have the Facebook mobile app installed on their phones.  This means that of all your visitors who own smartphones (the vast majority of them these days…), 85% will likely have Facebook installed on it.  This is huge, obviously!


Why do we care?  Because the latest Facebook app includes an integrated QR CODE  reader — and it works fabulously with every Spot and Tour on CultureSpots!

In other words….no more searching the App Store for free QR code reader apps!

With Facebook, QR CODES are here to stay and thrive!  And, so is CultureSpots 🙂


If you haven’t yet used CultureSpots’ built-in, auto-generated QR codes as a way to make it easier for your visitors to access your audio tours, now is the time to start doing so!  Your visitors will be able to just:

  1. Tap their Facebook app’s QR code reader in Explore/Shortcuts (depending on their version of the Facebook app),
  2. Point it at the CultureSpots QR code you’ve printed onto your labels, brochures or any other signage you might be using for your visitors,
  3. And voila — your visitors are listening to your audio tour!


Have a look at how it works in the quick how-to video we created below, featuring an audio tour by one of our awesome new clients, the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University:

Whether you’ve been using our QR codes or not, your CultureSpots account generates (automatically) QR codes for every spot, for every tour and for your organization’s landing page.

This means that you can use CultureSpots QR codes to direct your visitors directly to an individual Spot, all the Spots within a Tour, or to your organizations’ main landing page on CultureSpots.  It’s up to you! And it’s easy to get started.

Just log into your CultureSpots environment, go to a Spot/Tour, and on its “Edit Spot/Tour” screen, right-click and “Save image as…” to download and begin embedding your QR codes into all your printed and online materials today!

We can’t wait to announce another huge smartphone technology update that will make scanning QR codes even more ubiquitous and intuitive than ever before.  Stay tuned!  (HINT: iOS11)  QR codes are HOT again!!!

Thank you for your continued support.

Enjoy your journey!

Cliff Stevens

Founder, President/CEO of CultureSpots

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