Greetings – we’ve got cards!

Hello CultureSpots family!

We’ve been busy tinkering away with our CultureSpots platform and recently released an update that includes a very cool new feature we’re sure you’ll love knowing more about…


With our new “card-style” feature on CultureSpots, your Tours and Spots get more visual (thus, easier to see and navigate) than ever before!

Why might this matter?

  • Visual appeal:  People like to look at pretty pictures.  Enough said really.  In this case, bigger is better.
  • Easier visual connection between a Spot/Tour and its associated physical object:  Larger images on your visitors’ smartphone screens will make it easier for them to make a visual match between what they are seeing in their physical surroundings, and the related digital content available to them on CultureSpots.
  • Modern look:  Our new “card-style” layout is probably how your visitors have come to expect content to be laid out on the mobile Web, as it’s become standard on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

This brief 1-minute video will quickly give you a sense of how our new look compares to our “classic” version:


This new feature is TOTALLY optional to implement.  And we have not done anything to change your default/current “classic” layout.  If you want to turn it on, you can login with your account anytime and make the changes with just 2 mouse-clicks.  Or feel free to ask us to do it for you — no problem — it takes just a few seconds!

To turn it on  (immediately, and globally), login to CultureSpots with your admin account credentials (forgot?  Go here.) and go to your “Branding” screen.   


Once there, scroll down: 


Select the checkbox next to “Layout – Use card-style tour and spot design”,


Then scroll down further and click the green “Submit” button.   

That’s it!  (Now, take a look at your audio guide site on your smartphone)  To undo it, uncheck that same checkbox, and click submit.   

If you want to toggle back and forth between this new “card-style” layout, and the default/current “classic” layout, you can, anytime, and with immediate effect, just remember, you’re doing this globally, so if there are any visitors using your mobile audio tours at the moment, they’ll experience this toggling back and forth in the layout too, so maybe do it off-hours?

What do you think?  We’d love to hear from you.  How about some suggestions of your own?

Thank you for your continual support.

Enjoy your journey!

Cliff Stevens

Founder, President/CEO of CultureSpots

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