Our Greatest Revelation to Date: It’s All About the Process!

When we built our CultureSpots mobile audio tour platform, we intended to deliver on these two main benefits: 1) making it easy and affordable enough so any museum or gallery could use it, and 2) making it a delightful user experience for them and their visitors.

To our amazement, what has additionally emerged as one of the platform’s greatest benefits is how it uniquely positions our museum and gallery clients to really focus on, and expand upon, their mobile audio tour PRODUCTION PROCESS as a uniquely rewarding educational programming opportunity for engaging their youngest audiences.

CultureSpots paves the way for this by removing the old roadblocks of cost and complexity, while granting complete control over content production and instant audio tour publication and management.  This way, our clients are liberated to do the more important and enjoyable things like involving kids in their mobile audio tour production process with activities that can include research, writing, editing, curation, critical and creative thinking, public speaking, mentoring, audio recording, audio editing, photography, photo editing, label making, and so on.  In so doing, the young learners absorb loads of new vocabulary, concepts, historical and artistic contexts, points of view and aesthetic sensibilities (and an even deeper appreciation for museums, galleries, art and culture) not to mention highly valuable multimedia and technology skills!

And by young audiences, I mean those from just a few years old, to teenagers, and of course college undergrad and grad students, all of whom enjoy digging in to these interesting, hands-on, and LASTING learning experiences that they can be proud of and leverage at school, in their careers and everyday lives.

Almost magically, our museum and gallery clients who’ve been doing this end up with truly AWESOME mobile audio tour content that any visitor can enjoy, and expanding young audiences who’ve become more deeply connected with them and plan to keep coming back.

It’s been so deeply gratifying for us at CultureSpots to witness this, and learn from it.  As you’ll see in the coming months, we’re adjusting our messaging accordingly.

…and just wait until you see our next Client Spotlight interview video, featuring our friends at the Michener Art Museum, and the amazing educational program they developed for their young mobile audio tour producers and museum lovers!

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If you’d like any more specifics, best practices, introductions, guidance, suggestions, etc. about this, reach out anytime – we’d enjoy sharing all that with you.  (contact us here)

As always, we’re here to help.  Thanks, be well, and enjoy your journey,

Cliff Stevens

Founder, President/CEO of CultureSpots