For the Majority Under a Million

Eighty-six percent *(86%) of museums brought in less than a million dollars in total revenue last year.

Yet all of them would like to provide their visitors with a multi-million-dollar-worthy experience.

Mobile audio tours – which are generally an expected part of a rich visitor experience – might be seen as too expensive and complicated for most of these museums to handle and thus relegated to the list of things to do when resources loosen up.

Well, in October, that wait will be over.

Without giving away the “secret sauce” behind what we’re up to at CultureSpots, I’m willing to go on record here and now to say that when we launch on October 1st, we will be offering a mobile audio tour solution that every museum and gallery can afford. While also delivering a rich visitor experience that only the biggest budget museums have been able to afford in the past.

You see, here at CultureSpots, we believe that mobile audio tours are a uniquely valuable component of the visitor experience – better than mobile video, better than just more photos and text, and better than gimmicky games and social-ly stuff – all of which too often distract visitors from the museum experience by gluing their eyes to a screen instead of their surroundings. With mobile audio tours done well, its all just so natural, effective and complementary, without getting in the way.

So we’ve made it core to our mission that every museum and gallery wanting to provide their visitors with a quality mobile audio tour should be able to – and that’s what we’ll do. …you’ll just have to wait until October 1st to see how we do it 🙂

Part of the problem has been that the vendors who typically provide mobile audio tour solutions to the 14% of museums that generate millions in annual revenue, have business models built upon, and that need to be supported by providing these larger museums with expensive mobile audio tour solutions. Companies like Acoustiguide, Antenna and a few other big players have global workforces, multiple offices, and large accrued investments made over many years of research and development, designing, manufacturing, selling and supporting robust legacy audio tour equipment, software systems and content production services. So, there’s been little incentive to develop a solution for the other “majority under a million”.

But now that we’ve entered the age of “BYOD” – or, “bring your own device” – and “SAAS” – or, “software as a service” – museums that don’t have millions to spend on all that legacy stuff don’t have to. In fact, the majority of visitors are already bringing their own mobile audio tour equipment with them in the form of their smartphone and an always-on connection to the Web.

So if wireless (cell/wifi) Internet access isn’t a problem, and you can generate ideas for great content, you’re most of the way there. And we’ll help you get the rest of the way.

That way, you can focus on your first million, and leave the mobile audio tour stuff to us.

Reach out anytime to learn more, I’d enjoy talking it over with you.

(* 86% is calculated from 4,115 NTEE “A50 – Museums” Registered Nonprofit Organizations by Level of Total Revenue, BMF 06/2014, IRS, NCCS The Urban Institute – )

Thank you, be well, and enjoy!

Cliff Stevens

Founder, President/CEO of CultureSpots